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Serving LA County for more than 30 years, Dr. Jacob and Associates offer complete psychiatric care including Diagnosis, Medication, and Psychotherapy.

Our providers are licensed, board certified, culturally-sensitive, and offer cutting edge medical services in a collaborative setting. Our 20 providers are fluent in more than 5 languages, and have a combined professional experience of over 300 years in the field!

Medicine Prescription

Medication  Management

Medications are not always needed, but should you need or become curious about them, our team of Psychiatrists (MD's; DO's) will take care of your medical needs.

Medical form with stethoscope


Whether you are experiencing mild discomfort, looking for a wellness coach, or need help with a psychological disorder, our team of Psychologists (Ph.D.'s; Psy.D.'s) and Therapists (LMFT's; LCSW's), are highly trained and available

Vitamins and pills


All of our team members are trained to provide accurate diagnoses. They will assist you in understanding the diagnosis, its implications, and will develop a treatment plan specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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